UK [brækt] / US noun [countable]
Word forms "bract":
singular bract plural bracts biology
a type of leaf that grows from a stem where the flower develops

English dictionary. 2014.

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  • Bract — Bract, n. [See {Bractea}.] (Bot.) (a) A leaf, usually smaller than the true leaves of a plant, from the axil of which a flower stalk arises. (b) Any modified leaf, or scale, on a flower stalk or at the base of a flower. [1913 Webster] Note:… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • bract — (n.) in botany, small leaf at the base of a flower, Modern Latin, from L. bractea, lit. thin metal plate, of unknown origin. Related: Bracteal; bracteate …   Etymology dictionary

  • bract — ► NOUN Botany ▪ a modified leaf with a flower or flower cluster in its axil. ORIGIN Latin bractea thin metal plate …   English terms dictionary

  • bract — [brakt] n. [ModL bractea < L, thin metal plate] a modified leaf, usually small and scalelike, sometimes large and brightly colored, from whose axil grows a flower or inflorescence bracteal [brak′tē əl] adj …   English World dictionary

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  • bract —   n. leaf from axil of which flower is produced.    ♦ bracteal, a. bract like.    ♦ bracteate,   a. bearing bracts.    ♦ bracteiform, a. bract shaped.    ♦ bracteole, n. small bract; bract at base of flower.    ♦ bracteolate, a. having bracteoles …   Dictionary of difficult words

  • bract — [[t]brækt[/t]] n. bot a specialized leaflike plant part, sometimes large and showy, usu. situated at the base of a flower or inflorescence • Etymology: 1760–70; earlier bractea < L: a thin plate of metal brac′te•al, adj. brac′te•ate ti ɪt,… …   From formal English to slang

  • bract|let — «BRAKT liht», noun. a small bract situated on a secondary axis, as on a pedicel, or even on a petiole …   Useful english dictionary

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